Ko Kakanui te maunga

Ko Matariwa te punawai

Ko Tauira mai Tawhiti te waka

Ko Te Kaha te Marae

Ko Te Whanau a Te Ehutu te hapu

Ko Te Whanau a Apanui te iwi

Te kuti, te wera, te haua e ko APANUI!

Ko Hinemaui toku ingoa


Kiaora/Kia orana!

My name is Hinemaui, please feel free to call me Maui. I am both Maori and Cook Island. I descend from a little place on the east coast, Te Kaha as well as Rotorua where I was born and raised. I am a mum of 1.

My interests and hobbies are sports in particular Netball and Softball, Gym, Kapa Haka, Music and my Family.

My Role is a Youth Navigator and I help to support and awhi rangatahi to get into sustainable employment or future career studies. I provide a safe space for rangatahi to feel welcome and find motivation to better themselves and realize their potential.

Life is what we make of it. Grab on to every opportunity you can and always take care of number one first.

Please don’t be shy to come and say hi or ask for help/advice! I’m all ears 😊