Te Hiringa is a 10 week programme for 15 year old youth who are not-enrolled (or who are disengaged) from education.

Using a holistic approach and a bi-cultural learning environment with a Te Ao Maori perspective, this programme aims to support the successful re-engagement in to education or the transition in to further training or employment.

Te Hiringa includes whānau participation, and enables rangatahi to build a vision for their future and be motivated to stay engaged in their educational journey to achieve that aspirational goal.

The Experience

Rangatahi will experience: outdoor experiential learning, aspirational pathway planning, employability and life skills, connection to education and employment pathways, holistic health and wellbeing services and support, creative arts programmes, and more!

The Support

Rangatahi will have access to a team of specialist youth providers (adventure-based learning practitioners, employability navigators, health and mental health practitioners, social workers, and community, iwi, hapū education practitioners) as well as 6 months of ongoing coaching and mentoring as they re-engage in learning.

Te Hiringa

The programme design is youth-centric; based on individual and whānau needs and aspirations; provides a supported pathway that aligns with their aspirations, achieves identified goals and positive outcomes; and actively engages rangatahi and whānau throughout the process. It includes an intensive 10-week programme (including whānau participation); one on one support; home visits; whānau activities, brokering support back into education, training or employment; and six months follow up mentoring, coaching and transition support in their chosen pathway.


The programme aims to:

  • Increased level of engagement in their learning
  • Successful transition to further training or employment


  • Increased aspirations
  • Reduced impact of barriers to positive engagement through strengthened protective factors.
  • Strong connections with their community (including youth/support services).

Applications will be considered for rangatahi who are:

  • 15 years of age
  • Not enrolled or disengaged from education
  • Available 5 days per week (Monday to Friday) from 9.00am – 3.00 pm for 10 weeks

Te Hiringa is a collaborative initiative, developed and facilitated by Te Waiariki Purea Trust and the Rotorua Community Youth Centre Trust.

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