Pūtake Nui

Rangatahi Potential

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Our challenge is how as a city, can we make sure we’re doing the right things, so rangatahi know who they are and what’s possible to realise their full potential.

Pūtake Nui is initiated from the Rotorua Working Together Forum – a forum of local and central government, social sector initiatives & community.

Permission gained for use of image by Te Waiariki Purea Trust

Each of the 4 Kokonga or ‘corner posts’ will work together as ONE:

Rangatahi get the support they need, when they need it – Act Early, Act Together Kokonga

Rangatahi grow up with aspirations for their lives – Rangatahi with Aspirations Kokonga

Rangatahi can flourish in all aspects of their lives – Rangatahi Wellbeing Kokonga

Rangatahi involved in all things rangatahi – Rangatahi Centric Kokonga

In Rotorua……

  • 41% children aren’t regularly attending school every day.
  • The trend is for younger children to stop attending regularly.
  • Rotorua school roll is 13,600 with 55% being Māori.
  • Identity and connection are at the heart of wellbeing – too many young people don’t have that feeling.
  • Many rangatahi have no clear aspirations for their lives & careers.
  • Of our 10,000 18-24 year olds, 1000 are not earning or learning
  • Increasing demands for youth mental health & addiction services.

How to get involved:

Many organisations have already come on board, bringing ideas, connections and most importantly a shared passion for making a positive difference for our rangatahi.

Those who can add resources and energy are crucial. We encourage anyone who has contact with youth to think about your role in Pūtake Nui to make sure we’re doing the right mahi for rangatahi to realise their full potential – connect with one or more of the four kokonga.

The commitment. big or small, is open to you and anyone who has a connection with youth. There is no minimum input, just the willingness to help out when and where you can.

If you are committed to helping our young people in Rotorua, however you are able, then you can, and should, make the commitment.

The more who commit to the heart of Pūtake Nui, the more successful the outcome will be for all young people in Rotorua.

Current kokonga contacts are:

Youth-centric Approach Kokonga: Putting young people at the centre of what is planned and delivered, through youth development practice and youth participating in decision-making.

Jen Murray – Rotorua Community Youth Centre

Email: CEO@rotoruayouthcentre.org

Barbara Mackenzie – The Department of Internal Affairs  

Email: barbara.mackenzie@dia.govt.nz

Rangatahi with Aspirations Kokonga: All Rotorua rangatahi growing up with a dream and a pathway plan to achieve it.

Leigh Richards – Rotorua Lakes Council

Email: Leigh.Richards@rotorualc.nz

Paora Te Hurihanganui – Te Papa Takaro o Te Arawa

Email: Paora@papatakaro.org.nz

Act Early, Act Together: Responding to young people’s needs as soon as the need emerges, and in a coordinated and collaborative way.

Laurie Durand – Te Waiariki Purea Trust

Email: manager@twptnz.org

Jayne Furlong – Ministry of Education

Email: Jayne.Furlong@education.govt.nz

Rangatahi Wellbeing Kokonga: Making rangatahi wellbeing a core value for Rotorua, so all young people can engage positively in life.

Dominic Lepa – Ministry of Social Development

Email: Dominic.Lepa001@msd.govt.nz


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