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We occasionally take photos and video of young people engaging on our programmes. We use these for future promotion and to show our funders what young people get up to. There are many reasons why you may object or not be comfortable with this, and that is OK with us. There are many reasons why you may object or not be comfortable with this, and that is OK with us. Please let our staff know if at any time you are not OK with photos/videos being taken.
Rotorua Community Youth Centre Trust ensures that all personal information collected, used, stored, disclosed, and disposed of is secure and in line with the requirements under the Privacy Act 1993. All health information will be collected, used, stored, disclosed, and disposed of in accordance with the Health Information Privacy Code 1994. Providing us with this information is essential in order to engage in our services. We require the personal information within this form for the purposes of health and safety (in case of emergency) and for reporting client demographics and youth development outcomes to funders and government agencies. No specific and personal information is shared with these agencies, only general statistics. Young people have the right to access and correction of this information at any time by speaking to youth centre management. Young people can expect that any information they give to a worker is treated as sensitive and confidential and will not be shared externally UNLESS The worker believes that the young person, or another young person, is in danger or is being harmed. In this case the young person will be told that the information has to be shared with the appropriate agencies and encouraged to agree with this. All client information will be kept for 10 years from the last contact with the client, after which records will be shredded and/or deleted. All workers at RCYCT are expected to uphold the organisation’s commitment to confidentiality. This means that youth workers are expected to: -Keep records, files and documents stored in a safe and secure manner -Not discuss any information given by a young person in confidence, unless they have a child protection concern or the young person gives their permission -Tell a young person when information cannot be kept confidential (ie. A child protection concern) -Encourage a young person to talk to other people (e.g. parents or guardians) or professionals where they fell it would be in the young person’s interest I Consent under the Privacy Act 1993 I consent to the RYC collecting the details on this form. I understand that this information may be supplied to other agencies such as Ministry of Social Development (MSD), Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE), AA, ACC, Tertiary Education Commission (TEC). Again, this is for the purpose of ensuring we’re providing the best possible support for you that fund this course for the purposes of review and accountability. I acknowledge my right to have access to this information.