About Us

Rotorua Community Youth Centre Trust is a charitable organisation that was established in 1993.
We are a dedicated Youth One Stop Shop with the purpose of ‘Enabling youth to reach their full potential by helping them to be happy, healthy, safe, and moving towards a great future’. Our primary focus is youth development and youth health.
We focus on the delivery of services, programmes and activities that build on the strengths and skills of young people, with youth voice and participation at the centre. We believe that it is essential for young people to have opportunities and support with the development of competencies and skills. Therefore, problem-solving, negotiation, decision making and self-management skills; and strengthening resilience and self-esteem are core to our programme delivery.
Our work comes from a youth-focused and strength-based position, underpinned by the principles of the NZ Youth Development Strategy 2002. We also know that engaging young people in decisions that affect them results in better outcomes, therefore, this is central to our approach.
The Trust is governed by a highly skilled Board of Trustees. Currently, there are eleven Trustees, including two youth representatives. The Trust has provided Youth Development Services since 2001, Youth Health Services since 2003 and Youth Justice Services since 2010. We employ a multidisciplinary team, including Youth Workers, Social Worker, Nurses, Doctors and administration staff who work specifically with young people.


‘Enabling youth to reach their full potential by helping them to be happy, healthy, safe, and moving towards a great future’.

Our Approach:

Engaging youth in services that are youth-specific, by
connecting youth to appropriate information,
supporting youth to help get them where they want to be,
with a team who model integrity and respect for young people,
in a non-judgemental environment
and a welcoming youth-friendly place,
to achieve good physical, mental and social well-being

The Rotovegas Youth Health Centre will put you in touch with a range of health services. We deliver a range of specialist youth health services for Rotorua youth.  Free for 15-24 years of age. We have a  drop in clinic for our nurses and a doctor available by appointment.  We have a social worker who can help with all sorts of things. We can help with referrals to counsellors and other helpful services.

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